Bail Bond Guide


What You Need to Know about Immigration Bail Bonds

The US has really stringent rules on immigration. In case your immigration status lapses or if you violate rules against your immigration status, you can expect arrest and prosecution to follow. You can be detained and put into custody. And when this happens, it helps that you apply for immigration bail bonds.


Immigration bail bonds are legal options that will help release you from the custody of immigration detention. Licensed bond agencies typically take care of the requirements for the release of an accused in this kind of stations. However, you must keep in mind that getting bail is not synonymous with having the charges withdrawn.


After obtaining the immigration bond, you will still need to take legal means to regain your immigration status in the United States. Your bail indeed sets you free from jail but there are still conditions that need to be met or observed during the progress of the case. You still need to appear during court hearings. You also need to report to immigration officials.


However, not all those facing immigration charges are eligible for bail bonds. There are certain limits to this legal option. You are not able to post bail if


1. You previously have been the subject of a deportation order.

2. You have a history of felony prison times and other criminal records.

3. You are considered a community or national security risk.


Immigration bonds come in two forms. One is the voluntary departure bond. The second one is the delivery bond.


Voluntary departure bonds allow detainees to leave the US at their personal expense. This can only be done during a specified time frame. This bond will be refunded after your departure. However, you will end up forfeiting the refund if you choose not to leave. If you want to read more about bail bonds, you can go to


On the other hand, you can get a delivery bond if you are accused as an illegal immigrant. You will be granted this bond if you promise to show up during each and every immigration hearing you are scheduled to appear in. You will need to have your copy of the custody conditions notice and arrest warrant in order to apply for this bail.


How much do these bail bonds cost? Texas Immigration Bond judge sets the bail amount. The amount can be reduced depending on your immigration status, criminal history, and employment status. The higher the risks you pose for being out on bail, the higher the bail amount could be.